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Adding a GPU and Soundcard in the Proliant ML350 G6

In the previous video, I upgraded my 2nd Proliant ML350 G6 from single to dual-cpu.
And not without it's share of problems.

This time, I add a PCI-e GPU and a soundcard, as the onboard videochip of the Proliant is not very usefull and as a server machine, it doesn't even have an audiochip at all!

I'm planning to use this Proliant for video editing. Sure a modern i7 8700K or Ryzen 2700x are faster, they are also way more expensive.

But, with no soundcard, and a videochip that has trouble even showing a window in Windows, this isn't going to help making videos. Good thing, the Proliant has free PCI-e slots, including a full length (so 16x slot) with 8 lanes (so it's actualy a PCI-e 8x slot, but because it's length you can actualy place GPU's in it).

For this I bought a GeForce GT710 2GB and a Creative Soundblaster Audigy (PCI-e 1x).

"Why on earth a GT710? There are way better and faster GPU's out there!" I can hear you think, true, but this one doesn't need extra power connectors (the Proliant doesn't have PCI-e power connectors, and adapters, well, not recommanded when using a power hungry GPU), besides, this thing is going to be used for video editing so I need something with video hardware acceleration (current videos I shoot use H264 codec), low power consumption, and not too expensive.

The Audigy is a simple soundcard as well, no optical or anthing, but I don't need that. You could also use the HDMI port of the videocard, but the screen Im using is connected with DVI and has horrible internal speakers so I went for a soundcard instead. There are also USB solution, that are either cheap and bad (read lot's of bad reviews about the cheap USB soundcards) or very expensive (the good ones are too expensive for my needs).

Placing the GPU and soundcard was pretty straight forward. Little hassle with the brackets not alligning correctly, but no were near as bad as the previous video :P

After the upgrade, the Cinebench score was also what it should be, around the same as the other Proliant I had (give or take, around 810 points).

Q: There are way better and faster GPU's for the price of that GT710 available!
A: Yes, there are, you can get a GeForce GTX 760/770 or Radeon 280 or something for the same money. Problem with those is, the power consumption. The Proliant doesn't have PCI-e power connectors, just 4 4 pin power connectors (the ones you use in old DVD drives/ harddisks). There are converters for that, but wouldn't recommand that with power hungry GPU's. Ones that are just above 75W will propably be okay, but real 'game cards' I wouldn't recommand using them.

Q: Why not a Radeon card?
A: I've been looking for those as well (in the 200 series) but there weren't any available (new), and 2nd hand almost as expensive as a new one. The 'cheapest' available Radeon was the RX 570, which is too expensive for the purposes of this machine and not sure if it works because of the UEFI/Legacy support of new GPU's. There was also the Radeon 5450 (I believe), but already had a Radeon 5770 and wasn't happy with it's hardware acceleration for video (not very reliable to put it mildly). GeForce cards, well GT210 was available, but, as well, lacking good video acceleration, and this GT710. The other Proliant I have has a GT 730, but that wasn't available anymore.

Q: Does a RTX2080Ti work?!
A: Not sure. From the GeForce 900 series, or Radeon 200 series, it's not certain if a GPU will work with older 'legacy' BIOS. Modern motherboards use UEFI, and GPU's also switched from the legacy 'video bios' to GOP. GOP isn't supported on old motherboards that used the 'legacy BIOS'. Many GPU makers (the card makers, not the chip) choose to add legacy support... or not. Some newer GPU's (which came around GeForce 900 and Radeon 200) didn't always had the legacy support anymore, so those new cards sometimes didn't work on older machines, or OEM machines.
Overal if you want to play it 'safe', don't use a new GPU that GeForce 700 series or Radeon HD7000 series. It might work, and may vary between manufacturers.

Q: Does it run Crysis?
A: Actualy it does, tried it on the GT730 and it will start. But all lowest settings and low resolution you can hit up to 50 fps. So, it will also work on the GT710, just...even slower.
Old games (from 2005 or so) work fine though ;)

HP Spectre X360 15.6" Gem Cut Review (Best Buy Version: 15-DF1033DX)

Review of the Best Buy Version: 15-DF1033DX HP SPECTRE 15.6" 4K X360 2in1 Laptop.

This convertible laptop has some amazing specifications:
15.6" 4k touchscreen
10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10510U mobile processor
16 Gigs Ram
512 SSD + 32 Intel Octane
2GB MX250 Graphics Card
B+0 4 Speaker Sound
Windows Ink Pen
Convertible, tent and laptop form factor
Intel® Wi-Fi 6 Gig
6 Cell - 84 WHr Battery

This laptop promises to have great performance and a unique look with the gem cut design. It sports a wonderful display, great speakers, and a numeric keypad. The laptop is heavy at 4.78 pounds which makes it difficult to use in tablet mode. The battery lasts between 6-8 hours during normal use, which is really great. The backlit keyboard has 2 different levels of intensity, but it turns off automatically after 30 seconds. The Windows Ink pen works very well and allows you to create stunning works of art. The laptop itself feels wonderful to hold and use, and the color combination is wonderful.

Is this laptop worth your money? Watch the review and find out!

HP Multimedia Pro 16V-A sound card with AZT2320 Chip for DOS Games

Review of the HP Multimedia Pro 16V-A sound card with AZT2320. This is a late ISA sound card, with decent DOS support. Took me a while to find all the drivers, so I've uploaded them to our website.

Is this sound card worth getting?

Test PC:
Pentium 100 with Caches disabled
8GB SD card
Cirrus Logic Graphics Card
MS-DOS 6.22

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