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Team Scorpion-Fast boats at Miami Marine Stadium | DroneViewHD


Team Scorpion thank you for the invitation to Film your boats. I hope you enjoy this Video as much as we did.

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As Always Thank you so much for your support.

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DroneViewHD : Thank You! @TeamScorpion31
Samantha Rojas : Me gustó muchísimo este video
Elia Rosa Arrrazcaeta Gonzalez : Que belleza de bote me encantaaaa


✘Sorry für den Titel, Cem, haha.► Video gestern:

✘ 5% RABATT mit Code "Scorpion":
✘JJB: ✘ Raptor:✘Solution:
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PrototypeAzurou : Alle Kitchen, da wo sie hingehören. Hja moin hahaah Grüße aus 2020
RedSwitchi : Krass wusste nicht das cem ein girl ist vor allem mit Bart
Maexxer : In 4 Jahren wird uns der Algorithmus wieder zusammenbringen <3
Fuzion Clan : Irgendwan kriegt mein kommentar ein like
Christoph Göde : Hä welches Team ist jetzt das mit den Mädchen und welches das mit den Jungs ?

How to join Team Scorpion! ( how to join a fortnite clan ) #scorpionrc #teamscorpion

Welcome to Team Scorpion.

We are looking for: Pub stompers, competitive pros, trick shooters, streamers, and entertaining youtuber's.

Make a video showing me some clips, at least 60FPS, 720p+, and a maximum of 4 creative clips.
In the tittle of you video that you want me to watch put: #teamscorpion or #scorpionrc

I will look for a few players at first but when we grow we will need more players. This is just a fun clan, nothing too serious.

I will be streaming and recruiting people for my squad and for team scorpion. Stay frosty boys

Code: itzmarko
in the fortnite item shop

Good Luck on joining :)

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Scorpion_Dejvi : Fu you’ve stolen our clan’s name
Team Ivory : Your "One of a kind"
Clspz : Look at my vids
vitek : tittle text here
vitek : is that your clan?




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